How To Treat Warts Effectively

Dec 14

Common warts are small, rough and grainy skin growths which appear mostly on hands. Some people believe that one can get warts from frogs or toads, but that is not at all true. A person can get warts through direct contact with a person who already has it or even by touching an object touched by the person who is infected by the virus causing warts. It is caused by viruses in the human papilloma virus (HPV) family.

skincare-cream-wartsWhen the virus gets to the outer layer of skin, it causes excessive growth of skin cells, eventually creating a wart. However, people should not be afraid of warts because they can be easily cured. The go-to option in the removal of warts is Salicylic-acid. This acid is available as gels, lotions, ointments, and plasters, in which they are actually designed for application to all kinds of warts. Salicylic acid will soften the keratin, the composition mostly found in the wart as well as the dead skin coating. They can also be treated with retinoid cream.

This cream is very helpful in preventing the enlargement and spreading of warts. However, it can cause some unwanted reactions and might not work effectively as salicylic acid would for other people. If the two treatments mentioned won’t work, it’s time to visit the doctor and have a cryotherapy. In this procedure, liquid nitrogen will be applied on to the wart to freeze and suffocate the blood vessels nourishing it. The wart will be weakened and eventually disappear.…

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